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View Unishire Corporate Presentation film where the key people in the organisation takes you through the journey Unishire has covered so far and it's future plans

Mr. Pratik Mehta shares his expectations about the Union Budget 2015 with Headlines Today.

Unishire Investor Summit 2015 - We invited all interested channel partners, business associates and business enablers to the ‪Investors‬ Meet at the, Grand Ballroom -The Ritz-Carlton Hotel. The investor presentation was an instant hit and the meet was a resounding success.

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"From the beginning we have had a single minded goal at Unishire. And that is to spread joy. Be it creating a happy working atmosphere for our team or happy homes for our customers. Unishire represents core ethos of trust, transparency, ethics. Values that have today brought great positivity and momentum to our brand. We are here to take on any challenge and turn it to success and joy for all. Respect for each other is what brings magic to Unishire."

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