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"To achieve goals, Unshire needs proactive support from Partners and Associates.
We welcome all to be a part of this journey of mutual growth and success."

Registration Process:

Companies and Individuals can register online. Registering with Unishire assures that you will be notified when the Company issues the RFQs. Registering does not make you a Vendor, nor does it mean you will automatically start receiving listings from us.

Selection Process:

When we issue the RFQs, applications will be distributed and considered based on geographic location and work demand. Vendors in a particular geography who meet our qualification requirements will then go through a competitive selection process. Keep in mind, we don't know when new Vendors will be needed, so you shouldn't expect/plan to receive listings from Unishire in the near term.

Channel Partner Registration

Channel Sales is a separate vertical in Unishire with a dedicated team member at each site to assist the Channel Partner and their client at the site.

At Unishire, we have a dedicated Channel Sales Team to cater to our Channel Partners which regularly updates them on current as well as upcoming projects, offers & schemes, etc.

The Team also ensures that Channel Partners are sufficed with marketing collaterals and all other relevant information that are required.

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