Property Management

At Unishire, we go beyond just building homes but also provide value added services to our esteemed customers.

Our commitment to excellence is all pervading and does not stop just at our execution capabilities. It goes much beyond. That is why, soon after completing our projects , our Property Management division takes over to ensure that everything is shipshape and attended to with professional expertise – be it the safety and security of the premise , housekeeping or horticultural maintenance – we do not give ourselves room for excuses at maintaining our quality standards .

At Unishire, the comfort and well being of our customers is paramount and banking on our inherent quality of giving our undivided attention to detail has only ensured that our customers get nothing but the best. With such value added services we have and continue to win the trust of many.

Hard Core Services:

Power Distribution System

Cost saving through efficient power usage

Diesel generator and UPS maintenance

HVAC Systems

Lighting Systems

Plumbing and Sewage system

Energy Management

Monitoring of Energy meters for Power Factor

Fire and Safety equipments

Predictive, preventive and break down management

Minor electromechanical projects and repairs

Systematic Maintenance:

Building inspection

Sewage Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant

Daily ad-hoc tasks rebuilding

Safety and Security Services:

Trained Security Personnel

Electronic surveillance

Fire and safety service

Mock drills and trainings for emergency

Parking management

Emergency response services

Soft Core Services:

Landscaping and Gardening

Pest Control

Housekeeping and Janitorial Services

Swimming Pool & Water Body Maintenance

Waste management

Apartment Association Services:

24x7 Virtual Helpdesk

Efficient Complaint Management

Maintenance Collection

Web-enabled Services

Social Event Organizing

Support Services

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